Friday, July 20, 2007

don't worry, she has her booster seat

This is our first real roadtrip, and we're heading down to a wedding in Charleston. It's for a friend of my fiancee. She's coming along too, but she's in the backseat. We should be able to really test out the whopping 2MP camera this weekend.

bloggin on the run

Ok, well I'm not really running. I'd call it something more like "doing as little as possible." Thats the friday spirit right! Well the topic for today is gonna be typin. I left the g off on purpose to sound more "hip" but the iPhone wanted to correct my spelling. Aight Stevo, if u wants duh ifone to be cool yo, you gotsta allowz me to spizzle my flow dawg.

So how is typing on this touch screen. Well ive gone to "iphone typing" sites and usually get around 30 wpm. Not too shabby i guess. What mode am i typing in right now? Portrait. It works pretty well just typing with two thumbs. Treos can do that too, but you'll never look as cool doing it. You know why...because its not an iphone. Ok steve, you dropped the ball again. You were supposed to capitalize the P dammit.

So how does the iPhones touchscreen keypad compare to other smartphones with tiny midget buttons? I dunno because i've never used one. Why you ask? I dunno, why do you as so many questions? I dont need to try a blackberry or treo to know that their keypad sucks compared to iLean. This is not a democracy.

Ok, I'm getting bored with portrait. What to do...what to do.....wait...wait for it....ZOMG!!!1!!!11 LANDSCAPE MODE FTMFW!! There's only one way steve could manage that...Accelerometer. You might remember it from its appearance on Star Trek: Deep Space 9, episode 37. That leads us to apples rumored super secret app for the iPhone....time travel.

Till next time. Come on iLean. Lets bounce.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

iPod Video - Gotta love Reno 911

Deputy Trudy: "Hey Terry"
Terry: "Hiiiiiiii"

Deputy Trudy: "Hows it goin?"
Terry: "Doin grrreat, A plus"

Deputy Trudy: "Ok, good"
Terry: "Totally sober"
Deputy Kimball: "That's great"
Terry: "Sucks"
Deputy Trudy: "Good for you"
Terry: "I mean I love it"

Deputy Trudy: "Yeah, we've gotta report, ughhh, several reports actually that people have been finding pubic hairs in their burritos. Yeah....You know anything about that??"
Terry: "Nooo! That's awful!"

Deputy Kimball: "Yeah it is. Seems a little peculiar that you uhhh handle food."
Terry: "I don't touch the food"

Deputy Trudy: "So you don't touch the food?"
Terry: "No, its on a trayyy. I take it and I give it to you and I say 'Take it...and don't put pubic hair on it!' I say that specifically"

Terry: "Wellll...thats too bad about the hair. I'm serious, I'm gonna call the police."

Lets start with the most desired feature shall we?

Yes, the calendar. I know I know, its so great it actually predicts the future as you can see from the first picture.

That's right, go ahead and place your bets now, your life savings as a matter of fact. The iPhone can predict sports scores. Jobs said that this feature works fantastic, give or take a touchdown or three. See, it really is revolutionary!

This leads me to the second most important event of the year...(awaits slap in the face from fiancee) I should probably add a reminder to go off 2 hours ahead of time so I know whether or not to speed it up on the back 9.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Apple makes a phone, whhaaaaatt?

So I got the iPhone about 2 weeks ago, July 4th. Just walked in and picked it up at the Apple Store in Charlotte, NC. Seeing the dozens of people playing with the demo phones was definitely a cool feeling as I was walking out the door, with a 3 mile smile on my face.

I'll be straightforward and say it right now. This blog will be HEAVILY biased in favor of the iPhone. I have never owned a smartphone before, only the standard flip phone, so my firsthand knowledge of other smartphones is extremely limited (And I like it that way). I must admit though that after two weeks, we are on a first name basis, so iLean and I will be on a journey of coolness until version 2 comes out.